Welcome to the Brentwood Hills Homeowners Association home page. The purpose of this site is to provide our local homeowners with information relevant to the community as well as easy access to our association. Regular BHHA board meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of each month and are always open to members. If you live in Brentwood Hills we invite you to join us and please sign-up for our communityupdate e-mail list.

 Skirball Cultural Center – Ahmanson Auditorium


  Protect Our Wildlands filled the hall with over 500 neighbors who joined us for an in depth look at the proposed project.  Mr. Berggruen decided not to attend but his staff presented his proposal, followed by discussion regarding effects on our  community, environment and resources, including safety concerns.

It is fair to confirm the overwhelming support for protecting what is left of our wildlands.

For more information:

Brentwood Hills property is in the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone!

Every parcel located anywhere in Mandeville north of Sunset is in the VHFHSZ. That is every parcel, without exception. Anyone smoking anywhere outdoors in the canyon violates the no smoking / no fire ordinance, even if right at the corner of MCR and Sunset.

ZIMAS – Zoning Information and Maps Access System

Do we want our canyon and backyards to look like this?  Please check out these links to learn more about Invasive Shot Hole Borers.

Brentwood-Hills Homeowners Association joined several neighboring HOAs and the Hillside Federation’s unanimous support for Measure S.  This measure lost in this last election but kudos to all who worked hard to inform neighbors of the issues.

The Brentwood Hills Homeowners Association Annual Party 2017 had a good turnout.  Thanks to the volunteers who helped, thank you to the board members that made it happen, a special thanks to Amanda Petersen for her efforts, thanks to MCA for sharing their sign and especially thank you to the Mandels for once again generously hosting.