Canyonback and Mt. Saint Mary’s Trails Protected in Landmark Settlement!


As part of BHHA’s ongoing effort to protect and preserve the open space that surrounds our community and ensure public access to the extensive trail system through the Santa Monica Mountains, BHHA supported the successful efforts of the Canyon Back Alliance to prevent the closure of the Mt. Saint Mary’s and Canyonback Trails and to minimize the impacts of a proposed Castle & Cooke development in the Mountaingate area on Kenter Ridge.

In the landmark settlement reached in the Spring of 2007 through the coordinated efforts of the Canyon Back Alliance, Save Our Mountains, Inc., BHHA, Upper Mandeville Canyon Property Owners Association, and many others, two new trail segments that will forever protect these critical trails will be constructed on dedicated public trail easements.

In addition, large areas of open space will be protected with open space conservation easements, funding will be granted for the construction and maintenance of these trails, and BHHA will obtain reimbursement for a large portion of the funds we donated to this effort from our endowment and war chest.

Thanks to all who helped in this effort, especially to Tom Freeman and the Bird Marella law firm, who were counsel of record in the litigation that led to this settlement, and to our own Eric Edmunds, an attorney and Board member who donated much of his time to the effort.

This settlement is very important because it will avoid the increased pressure on our Westridge trailhead that would have resulted from cutting off other gateways into the mountains, it will sustain a precedent of sensible development, and it will preserve, protect and maintain an open trail system for the public to use.

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