BHHA has joined several HOAs and concerned citizens with the efforts of Protect Our Wildlands, Environment and Resources, the Hillside Federation and the Canyon Back Alliance.  Please take a look at the POWER website for an in depth view of these quality of life issues.

BHHA has a history of protecting quality of life issues in our neighborhood.


In addition to  been instrumental in protecting Sullivan Canyon and the Santa Monica Mountains parkland and working closely with the LAFD, LAPD, Councilmember Mike Bonin’s office, and our neighboring homeowners associations UMCA and MCA – BHHA continues to be proactive in our membership’s interest.

• Worked with LA DWP on repairing the problems that led to the frequent and lengthy power outages in our community, including advocating for permanent repair and replacement of transformers and underground power cables to avoid such outages in the future;

• Contributed to purchasing brush helmets for our firefighters;

• Commented on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Archer School expansion, to try to reduce the horrendous traffic on Sunset;

• Brentwood Hills Homeowners Association held an open house in the neighborhood with Councilmember Bonin to educate him on our community issues and to hear his initiatves for our district;

• Ensured SoCalGas sufficiently restored Sullivan Canyon after their pipeline maintenance work;

• Worked with the Fired Department to ensure fire safety in our community, including the grading of the Westridge fire break in such a way as to preserve the hiking trail and wildlife habitat;

• Joined the Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations, Inc (a.k.a., the Hillside Federation) and continued collaborating with sister homeowner associations to ensure our natural areas are protected from commercial encroachments, such as the currently proposed 180 foot tall communication tower on San Vicente Peak, which is proposed to have multiple microwave dishes and an 800-watt blinking red light;

• Encouraging Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training of board members and community members, in order to act as points of contact if there is a regional emergency;

• Contributed to the Mandeville Canyon holiday lighting, incuding the bridge on Westridge Rd.;

• Contributed to Kenter Canyon School, Brentwood Green, and other community organizations;

• Represented the neighborhood on legislative issues and regarding development projects and local ordinances;

•Served as the community’s interface and contact point with state and local elected leaders;

•Held a great Annual Meeting with catered food and open bar!Over the past 30 years, with your help, BHHA’s Legal Defense Fund has fought and won battles at City Hall and in the Courts to preserve our community, and to require prospective developers to strictly comply with City codes and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). BHHA works closely with UMCA, MCA, the Hillside Federation and many other community groups on these initiatives, which include:

• Opposing developer Castle & Cook’s 29-mansion expansion of Mountaingate Subdivision and establishing the Nancy and Dick Riordan Trail;

• Protecting and beautifying the Westridge Trailhead, to make it more attractive and user-friendly, including adding parking spaces;

• Fighting the massive proposed Boeckman and Eastport development projects at the end of Westridge Road, and working with the City, the County, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and other community groups to acquire and proect those lands forever as public parkland;

• Protecting the Backbone Trail above Will Rodgers Park from being turned into a dirt road.

Initiatives for 2014-2015

• Participating in the Archer’s Expansion discussion – contact us if you are interested in volunteering!

• Restoring the block captain program to our community – contact us if you are interested in volunteering!

• Installing a bulletin board sign to post BHHA and Brentwood Hills notice on activities and issues;

• Improving “No Smoking” and “Fire Danger” signs around trails and throughout the neighborhood;

• Improving the BHHA website to make it more useful to our members.